Stratford Mini Storage

Why Pay for Space You Don't Need?

Stratford Mini Storage offers the broadest range of storage space sizes than nearly any other storage provider in Wisconsin. There is no need to pay for storage space you don’t need when Stratford Mini Storage has nearly 3 times more storage options!

Sixteen Sizes. One Just Right for Your Needs!

With that many sizes to choose from, Stratford Mini Storage gives customers the ability to select only the size they really need. From 7×10 to 23×32, our Self Storage spaces are likely to meet just about any requirement!


Located 1/2 block east of Weber (Hwy 97) behind Community Financial Bank, Stratford Mini Storage is easy to find and easy to use. Our address is 118833 Reflection St, Stratford, WI 54484.

Always Open.

You can access your stored belongings 24/7/365. Thanks in part to a great law enforcement team, Stratford is one of the safest communities in central Wisconsin. Our village is regularly patrolled, and friendly neighbors always keep a close eye.

Ready to Serve!

Believe it or not, people from all over the U.S. trust Stratford Mini Storage for their self storage needs. But the majority of our customers are from close to home, like Stratford, Rozellville, Marshfield, Athens, Edgar, Marathon and all parts of central Wisconsin.

Lots of Sizes for Lots of Needs!

From small and economical off-season storage to spacious environments for vehicles and motorhomes, Stratford Mini Storage has sixteen different size configurations to accommodate your storage needs. Below are the various sizes of units offered at our Stratford facility. (A sample 2′ x 3′ storage tote is included within the illustrations for better size-comparison).

For price, availability or any special requests, please contact us at 715-502-4608 or via the contact form below. 

7' x 10' (70 Sq Ft)

Hard to find storage this small and economical. Small but efficient, this is ideal for extra stuff, off-season storage, or that vintage motorcycle you want to tuck away.

8' x 10' (80 Sq Ft)

Also small and efficient, this size might be just what you need for an ATV/UTV, recreational items, or the kids' summer fun toys.

10' x 10' (100 Sq Ft)

Pretty typical size, suitable for a bedroom or two.

13' x 10' (130 Sq Ft)

The 13x10 size is ideal for the contents of a studio apartment.

14' x 10' (140 Sq Ft)

Basically two 7x10's with the dividing wall removed, these spaces have the advantage of two entry doors.

15' x 10' (150 Sq Ft)

Perfect for a smaller one-bedroom apartment or ATV's, sleds, lawn tractors, etc. Or maybe that stuff you don't currently use but is too valuable to get rid of?

16' x 10' (160 Sq Ft)

Great mid-sized storage space!

10' x 20' (200 Sq Ft)

1-car garage size. This is probably the most common size in Central Wisconsin.

10' x 21' (210 Sq Ft)

We have many people ask about a space a little bigger than a 10x20 to fit their fishing boat over the winter. This space is ideal, enabling most fishing boats of typical Wisconsin size to fit straight-in without having to wedge the boat at an angle to fit the tongue. The popularity of this size means it doesn't remain empty for long.

10' x 22' (220 Sq Ft)

Ideal for a classic American car or pickup with room to get around the front and back for most vehicles. Of course this size is ideal for a small household as well!

10' x 24' (240 Sq Ft)

Great for long-term storage, the 10x24 is sized to give plenty of room to get around so you can use the space as an extension of your own garage.

10' x 26' (260 Sq Ft)

Good for a large apartment or house, this 10x26 is ideal for families upgrading their home or household storage for a loved-one needing more care, this space is practical, economical and easily adaptable for almost any storage need.

10' x 27' (270 Sq Ft)

Super Big. Super Versatile. And Super Hard-to-Find!

16' x 20' (320 Sq Ft)

Double-wide space ideal for a long-term extension of your garage, with room for just about anything!

10' x 32' (320 Sq Ft)

For the folks with lots of valuable stuff!

13 x 32 (416 Sq Ft)

Class C Motorhome (or small Class A) anyone? This space has an extra-tall door ideal for a motorhome or a ski/wakeboarding boat like the Moomba, Malibu or Ski Natique with tall towing towers.

Location and Directions

Stratford Mini Storage is located at 118833 Reflection St in Stratford, WI. This is half a block east of State Highway 97, behind Community Financial Bank.

Let's Get In Touch!

Please use the form below to reach out to us with any questions about our storage units or availability. We will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, please call 715-502-4608.

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Tips for Storage

Stratford Mini Storage is located at 118833 Reflection St in Stratford, WI. This is half a block east of State Highway 97, behind Community Financial Bank.

Think "Air Flow!"

Our roofs don't leak and our concrete floors are insulated, so there's no water that comes in from outside, BUT....

Did you know that water naturally wants to "puddle" in humid conditions?

We often refer to this as "sweat". Ever wondered why a glass of ice water sweats while a glass with room temperature water doesn't? When the ice water glass comes in contact with warmer air, the humidity in the air collects on the cold glass like a magnet. Eventually your ice water stops sweating, not because the air dried it out, but because the ice melted and the circulating air mated the temperature of the glass with the temperature of the air surrounding it. In your storage unit, good air circulation helps keep everything THE SAME TEMPERATURE so the humidity in the air doesn't find anything cooler on which to gather.

What About the Floor?

Even though the concrete in our self storage units is insulated, the difference in temperature of the concrete when in direct contact with things like boxes, wood or clothing will encourage water to form and absorb into whatever is more porous. So...

Packing your storage space too tightly with no ability for air to circulate between your items is a recipe for disaster! This is true in ANY self storage facility in a humid climate like Wisconsin's. If boxes are packed tightly with no space between them, around the walls and no room for air to flow beneath, it is almost a guarantee that belongings are going to get wet and eventually ruined. And that defeats the entire purpose of renting a storage unit!

So, when packing your storage unit, keep everything at least 12 inches away from all walls and set your items on pallets to raise your contents off the ground. This will help air to flow around and underneath your belongings and help keep your items in the same condition they were in when you stored them.

Don't Store Hazardous Stuff!

This should go without saying, but it needs to be said anyway. No firearms, flammable liquids or gases, acids, toxic chemicals, explosives, fertilizer, solvents, cleaners, paints/stain, batteries, lighters, igniters or matches should EVER be stored in a self storage space.

Want to store your outdoor grille? Great, but please keep the propane tank somewhere else!

How about a car or boat? We welcome them! But please be wise about storage! Disconnect the battery (eliminating any chance for a spark) and make sure your fuel tank is as empty as possible. That way we all remain safe.

And food. Not sure why anyone would put food in a self storage space, but please keep any foods (even sealed packages) in your home, not your storage space! Many of our customers keep products in their space that deters rodents ("deters" is code for "kills"). We recommend products that rodents consume so they leave the space seeking water. So maybe some "foods" are OK after all!

Make Way!

Here's a practical tip that will save you hours of frustration! If you plan on accessing your items while you have your items in storage, make an aisle down the middle for easy access to items stored in the back of the space (but don't forget to still keep everything 12" from all walls!).

This little tip comes compliments of all the people who told us they wished they had done that when they originally put their stuff in storage! Even if you don't think you will need to get to your stuff, it inevitably happens that something is packed away that shouldn't have been packed away. And then comes the hassle of digging that item out of storage.

And by the way, that item you really need to retrieve? It's packed way in the back.

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